No, it’s not a stupid question

At least once a week a get a question about wine that starts with “I know this is probably a stupid question but… ”

There is so much pretentiousness associated with wine that so many people feel intimated and end up not asking. So let me tell you, whatever you’re thinking – it’s not a stupid question (unless the question is should we open another bottle? Of course you should.)

It’s not something you would learn in school or should ‘just know’.  Unless you grew up with family who happened to be into it – how else would you learn? In fact, it’s taken me quite a few courses, a lot of study and working in the business to really get my head around it, so I know how you feel.

But, I’d really love you to want to know more, and feel comfortable asking those questions, so I’m going to start posting my answers whenever I someone says that phrase to me. Please post your questions below and I’ll be happy to answer !

lol me
Hugh Jackman helping explain a wine that’s rich, smooth & has great body 😉