How it started…

Hi we’re Melanie Gilcrist and Hannah Silberstein!

We’ve been friends since highschool and now three years out are living together in a share house.
We both put on a fair chunk of weight since school and now we’re in the year of 21st’s and we feel like everyone can notice!
We joined the gym a few months ago but don’t go consistantly enough. We’ve tried writing down everything we eat everyday but nothing has worked so far.
We were thinking, if only we were on The Biggest Loser, they lose so much weight!

So we’ve created our own.
– 8 weeks
– weigh in every tuesday morning
– who ever loses less weight is “below the yellow line” and puts $5 in the jar
– if either ever gain weight, they have to put $10 in the jar
– the winner is “The Biggest Loser” and gets the $$!

We have Hayley on our wall telling us the rules and presenting our weight loss chart


And we have the trainers in various places around the house with their quotes for inspiration


So we have:
Blue team: Mel
Red team: Hannah


Lets hope it works, we’ll keep you updated!

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