Week 7: Weigh in

This week a strange thing happened,there was some chocolate flavored custard in the fridge which we had had been staring at for weeks but had contained ourselves. Mel decided one night that she was going to have ONE mouthful and put it back, Han jumped on board to do the same.

Sooooo turns out… it was not that easy.

With one mouthful we felt all the love, joy, and happiness we’ve ever felt in our lives melt in one chocolaty ball our mouths. It was smooth, it was sweet, it was succulent! It was unlike anything we’d ever tasted (talking like this about food – you’re probably getting an idea of why we put on so much weight in the first place!)

Anyway, we had one mouthful each and FREAKED OUT! How could we possibly just put this back in the fridge? This piece of heaven in the form of chocolate custard.

We put it on one side of the lounge room and sat as far away as we could and did lots of sums about calories to try and justify eating it.

“What if we don’t have dinner tonight?”
“What if we spend 4 hours at the gym tomorrow?”
“What if we just put it in our mouths and get the taste but then spit it out again?” 

After much deliberation, (and you must imagine this in the most dramatic way possible!) Mel leaped up from the couch, grabbed the custard and holding it as far away from herself as possible ran to the kitchen and filled it with water to tip it down the sink! 

AHA no way we can eat it now!!!

Mel freaking out over the custard
Mel freaking out over the custard


So that was a hilarious and way too dramatic moment for us, but at the end of the day we never would have thrown out something that delicious in the past so a small win for us!

And we were rewarded by the weight loss Gods.


Han was The Biggest Loser, with a loss of .6kgs
and Mel came close second with a loss of .5kgs

Only one more weigh in to go!

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