The Public House, Richmond

I’m going to say the unthinkable. (A quick sideword to my brother Joel, if you’re reading – stop now. You don’t want to hear this.)

I am so over parmas. Call me snobbish but the thought of a slab of deep fried chicken ozzing with cheap tomato paste and oily cheese doesn’t really turn me on like it used to.

When I catch up with friends now, I want it to be at a bar. I want there to be share plates because I can’t handle only tasting one thing. I want a place where my alcohol options range from a selection of local and imported beers, to decent winelist, and of course cocktails (you never know when you might need one).

Bonus points if I can walk there from my house in my giant boots without wanting to cut my feet off, and can take a selfie with my food without feeling too judged.

Thankfully, such a place exists; Public House in Richmond.

I love Public House, and judging by the length of the line on a Friday at 10pm – so does a lot of Melbourne.

It offers a DJ for the party-goers on Friday and Saturday nights, but is also a really nice place for an appetizing dinner or catch up drinks in the roof top beer garden (equipped with heaters in the winter).

Tom and I head there for a cruisey Sunday drink and feed last weekend, taking advantage of the Sunday night special – three share plates for $30 (which saved us $19). Below are the three dishes we chose.

Pulled lamb tacos, labne, grated kefalograviera
Jamon iberico de bellota, crusty bread, crushed tomatoes
Salt & pepper calamari, asian herb salad, lime chilli mayo

***I’d like to take this moment to apologise for the bad pictures. You see, I don’t generally take photos of my food when dining and I felt like a bit of a dick so I did it very quick. I’ll look to amend this in the future, either by getting someone to flash their bits in the opposite corner to where I’m taking the pictures so no one’s looking at me, or by just growing a pair and taking my time with the picture.***

The food was nice, and the tacos particularly awesome. After a wine each we were feeling a bit YOLO so we took them up on their Sunday night special for a cocktail carafe for $20.

A great night, and a great place I’m happy to have as a local.The Public House is for you if:

  • You’re more in the mood for something nice rather than filling
  • You appreciate a good special on different nights of the week
  • You’re searching for an awesome taco
  • The wine, beer and cocktail list matters

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