Debate: Can you get around wine in a can?

For some reason (and I’m sure there’s a reason, feel free to educate me sociologists) we as humans love tradition. Maybe it dated back to cavemen figuring out how to stay alive and if something worked they just did it over again to ensure survival.

There’s lots of things that we do for the sake of tradition that don’t necessarily make sense; marriage between a man and a woman – though same sex marriage is widely accepted now it’s still an uphill battle (catch up Australia, it’s beyond embarrassing).

Wine has been around for centuries, and many practices still exist for the sake of tradition – the use of cork vs. screw cap for example (which I suppose we could debate, but let’s save that for another day.)

And then, there’s the wine bottle; recently, some have dared defy tradition and package wine in a can. Honestly, when I first heard of it, there was a little SHOCK! HORROR! Between me and wine-loving friends – wine’s so fancy and elegant why would you put it in a can?

So many reasons, it turns out:

  1. It’s so much easier to bring to a picnic or BBQ
    wine can12
  2. Great for when you only want a glass or two so you don’t have leftover wine (I’ve heard there’s such a thing as “leftover wine”, yet to experience this)
    wine can 2
  3. You aren’t limited to pop-mixers or beer at festivals
    wine can 3

I’m going to open up a can of wines worms here; I want your opinion on two things:

  1. Current wines you find in can format are fruity, fresh, and designed for immediate consumption. It’s here, it’s now, it’s yummy, people love it. Can you get around wine in a can?

If yes, I’m going to push you one step further:

  1. Say if a premium wine was made and aged the same as we do now – even bottle aged for a period of time, then packaged in cans; knowing it was going to taste the same, would you drink it? Could you possibly wrap your head around a waiter decanting a 20 year old Bordeaux he’s poured out of a can?

I’d love your opinions!


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