The Biggest Loser: Housemates

I have to say, this was one of my more genius ideas.417897_10151639480176079_1294141985_n

(That’s opposed to that time I thought miracle weight loss soup would be the answer to my prayers.)

Me and my housemate (and best friend since year nine) had put on a stack of weight since high school. We were both really unhappy with how we looked and had tried unsuccessfully to lose the excess kilos many times.

That, mixed with the fact that I only had a twelve-hour-a-week uni timetable and therefore way too much spare time, drove me to create…

THE BIGGEST LOSER: Housemates edition.

– 8 weeks

– weigh in every tuesday morning
– who ever loses less weight is “below the yellow line” and puts $5 in the jar
– if either ever gain weight, they have to put $10 in the jar
– the winner is “The Biggest Loser” and gets the $$!

We had Hayley on our wall telling us the rules and presenting our weight loss chart, and the trainers in various places around the house with their quotes for inspiration




You can read about the fitness challenges we did every week to keep motivated.

and look back on our weekly weigh ins to find the biggest housemate loser.

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