You open your wardrobe... fast forward an hour and you're sitting on a pile of clothes, so close to tears. You end up  going out in the same old safe outfit - and even that doesn't really look right. You say "diet starts tomorrow" and you  mean it - oh you mean it more than anything. Problem is, it's the third time you've said it this month.

mel01If you find that at all relatable, I daresay you’ll like my blog. 

It’s how I lived my life for a good few years after uni. While it’s normal to put on some weight when you leave home and try and find your feet, I probably let it go for too long. It became increasingly unhappy and knew something had to change.

Inspired by our favorite show, my housemate and I started our journey toward better health (and kicking those extra kilos) by competing The Biggest Loser Style.

To keep momentum  and help me continue to get fitter and healthier as I started full time work, I signed up to the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation.

The experience has made me so passionate about and fitness. I’ve been maintaining my goal weight and living a healthy lifestyle since.

You know those people who buy a block of chocolate and leave it in their cupboard for a month and slowly get through it? I’m not one of those people. If it’s in the house, I’ll eat it!! Being fit and healthy is something that is a completely conscious effort for me. And I have many weak moments, but I never want to be the girl crying on the bedroom floor because her clothes don’t fit… ever again.

I think that’s why I’m doing this blog, I’m hoping people can relate to me and my struggles, and maybe even find some advice or inspiration.

So I invite you to follow me as I consume myself in this hot topic; trying to become the happiest, healthiest and fittest version of myself I can be!

My various health and fitness adventures: click to read below…

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