Michelle Bridges 12WBT

So, I could notice myself starting to gain weight again when I started a full time job in corporate communications. Andquite honestly, I didn’t even care. My number one priority was work – adjusting and proving myself. If I had of worried about much else I would have burnt myself out!


But after a few months when I was a little more settled in, it was time to do something about it, so I signed up to Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation (MB12WBT). I didn’t blog my way through this one, but my sister (the inspiration for me doing MB12WBT) did a great blog that will give you an idea what it’s all about if you’re interested.

In a nutshell MB’s program is:

  • Meal plans – you don’t cut out any food groups, just learn how to eat healthy from a range of really nice recipies while calorie counting.
  • Exercise – 2 days cardio, 2 days strength, 1 day flexibility, Super Saturday (need to burn 1000 cals – takes about 2 hours!) and one rest day
  • Mindset – 2 videos a week from Mish herself, giving advice, tips, support, and getting our thinking straight to make it a lifestyle change.

Look, honestly, I bloody loved it and would recommend to anyone trying to lose weight. I followed it very closely and lost 15 kilos so I was really happy with the results. After 12 weeks, I came out looking like this…

Pictures: First day of MB12WBT and last day MB12WBT


Me at my boyfriends uni ball in 2013 then 2014
Me at the same ball 2 years in a row (about 10 kilos difference)

I wish I had of blogged about it, as it was a very significant milestone and awesome experience. Taught me a lot. I Finished the program feeling fit, healthy, and strong. All I wanted was the next challenge, what can I do next to get even fittter and stronger? How can I take it to the next level?

Then along came Kara with her idea

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