Taking it to the Next Level with Kara Landells

Ok, this bit is easiest to show you in pictures.

Last year, I started Michelle Bridges like this:

Before MB12WBT

Ended up like this:

After MB12WBT

And now I look like this:


So I’ve kept healthy habits from the program and most of the weight off, but a real lack of exercise is showing. I’ve retained some fitness and don’t really have a lot of weight to lose, just need to tone up.

Kara (right) and I after my first training sesh!
Kara (right) and I after my first training sesh!

So how lucky is it, that I happen to be friends with one of the best Sports Scientists in Melbourne who is getting ready to launch a new program all about “Taking it to the Next Level?”

I get to be one of Kara’s trial girls for the program which I’m super excited about. It’s for people who have some sort of fitness and are looking for the next challenge.

It’s half an hour a day – which isn’t much but she makes you earn it! For food, Kara doesn’t want her girls cutting out any food groups – which I’m completely on board with – I don’t buy into this paleo stuff. Energy in vs. energy out right?

Anyway, I’ll post progress photos every week and write about how I’m finding the program.

Wish me luck!!

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