Challenge #3: The Pool

This week we thought we’d add a different kind of work out to our regime- so we squeezed into Hannah’s old one pieces and went to the local pool!

Keen for our swim!
Keen for our swim!

Unfortunately we got there the same time as a football team and it took us a while to get the courage to walk out in our bathers … but we eventually got our gear off and walked to the water – sucking in as hard as we could of course!

We started with some laps and then Hannah taught Mel some underwater hockey moves (Han has represented Victoria in the past!) We decided to mix it up while we were in there and make the challenge; whoever can last the longest treading water holding weighted pool bricks.

After about 15 mins doing this however, we still weren’t that tired and were scared about missing TBL so it was time to make it harder – whoever could keep their shoulders out of water the longest!

Treading water with bricks - we are very aware that our heads look photo-shopped on!
Treading water with bricks – we are very aware that our heads look photoshopped on!

Didn’t take long for Mel to lose her breathe and nearly drown (lucky there was a sexy life guard standing by!) This made Hannah the weekly challenge winner once again – winning a reduced $$ penalty if she happens to be below the yellow line this week.

We’re pooing our dacks for weigh in tomorrow (as usual) – fingers crossed we get some more good results!

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  1. hahaha…love your blog!

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