Week 4: Weigh in

This week we were on the treadmills at gym when Katherine (a staff member) came up and asked if we’d done “Grit” yet. If you haven’t heard of it, count yourself lucky… just writing about it is giving us a stitch!

Grit is a new LesMills program that is 30 minutes of extremely high intensity interval training. It is designed to push you until it breaks you. – even the fittest people we know say it’s terrifying! So needless to say, we were pretty apprehensive.

“Is it really hard?” we asked her.
“Yes. You will die” she said “5.45 Monday, I’m putting your names down.”

… Goodie.

So we went quivering into the class that Monday (after writing our wills and saying our goodbyes) and endured half an hour of hell. A million exercises all done with heavy weights (that the lovely instructor doubled while we were distracted!) By the end of the class, Mel looked like she was going to spew and Hannah looked like she was going to pass out!

Barely standing after Grit!
Barely standing after Grit!

Funnily enough however, it was actually lots of fun! And we felt fantastic walking out knowing we worked our butts off – literally!!

Turns out we are trying lots of new things due to this challenge – we also tried Zumba this week. This as a really fun and hilarious experience! The instructor was a sexy Spanish man who told us to dance sexy “like we were out drunk on a Saturday night”.

SO did these crazy new work outs pay off?

Wish we knew.

Well – for Mel at least!

This week, the weigh in was a bit tricky as we figured out the scales Mel was using back in Warragul the two weeks before were in fact different to those we generally use at home. Opps!

So there’s a long complicated reasoning (that forced us to remember some high school math) but we figured out the difference was 1.3kgs. We decided it was most likely week 2 that was the problem so we took it off, meaning Mel lost .05kg instead of 1.8kg that week.

But this means we don’t actually know how much she lost this week so we made it 0kg (mostly just cos it was the easiest way to make it right).

Luckily, Red Team is keeping consistent and lost another great number – 0.8kgs!

So Blue Team (who lost the weekly challenge) falls below the yellow line and puts another $5 to the jar!

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