Week 8: Weigh in AND final results

So this past week has been very different for us both.

Mel started a full time internship in the city. She was excited that her old clothes were looking much better on her and therefore had more confidence in this role.

Hannah was struggling to adjust to holidays – sleeping in and watching movies can be hard! Don’t worry though, she found ways to entertain herself…

she really is
she really is

In between turning herself into various insects, Hannah still found time to maintain her healthy lifestyle, whereas Mel struggled adjusting to full time work and the gym was definitely neglected.

Luckily, working so much meant that there was less time to eat so she still managed to lose a bit of weight!

In the final week, Hannah lost .4 kgs and Mel lost .6kgs

Which makes Mel The Biggest Loser of the week…..

Final Results

But who won The Biggest Loser: Housemates Edition?

After much hard work and dedication, we’re happy to announce that Hannah from the Red Team won The Biggest Loser: Housemates Edition by .1kgs!

Congratulations to for Hannah losing 6kgs over the 8 week period!

Hannah won the $40 prize jar

Mel came up close second losing 5.9kgs.

The final results tally
The final results tally

We’ve had such a great time doing our little game. It’s been great to help us kick start our weight loss while having a bit of fun. The support from everyone was phenomenal! And so was to hear that 6 different households/groups of people had started their own after reading our blog!

We will endeavor to take and upload some “after” shots very soon and will update you on further progress every now and then throughout the year.

Thanks so much for reading and cheering us on over the last 8 weeks – and good luck with all your own weight loss goals!

Melanie Gilcrist
Hannah Silberstein


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