Cardio HIRT (I did it really super fast)

So, I’m a couple of weeks in, and I think I’ve realized Kara hates me.

Just kidding. This thing is tough, but I didn’t sign up to it thinking it would be easy. The point is to take my fitness to the next level and that’s what it’s definitely doing.

Check out me doing the first set of the cardio round below. This is one of four sets – KILLER!

I do love it. It makes me feel great actually doing something again so it’s so rewarding when you make it to the end of the session. It’s hard to believe sometimes that it’s only 30 minutes!

Because they’re short sessions they’re really easy to slip into my day – even though I leave home at 7.30 and get home till at 6.30.

Even if they do leave me looking like this….


I’ll put some progress shots up soon – hopefully you can start noticing a difference!

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