Advice from Kara: How to get out of bed early for a work out

I had a call from Kara yesterday. She asked how I was going and I admitted my alarm clock had gotten the better of me a couple of days this week.

I hear the beep beep at 5.30 and look something like this:


The advice she gave me I thought was pretty good. She said:

When your alarm goes off in the morning, just get up. Just spring out of bed without even thinking about it.

I know it seems pretty obvious, but the amount of times I’ve lay in bed trying so hard to talk myself into getting up… Trying to motivate myself, weighing the pros and cons; but then I talk myself into thinking I’ll be able to do it that afternoon (which never happens.)

Professional athletes and people who regularly exercise don’t need motivation to get up, they just do it – it’s a normal part of their day like driving to work.

So, this week I’m trying something new. When my alarm goes off at 5.30… I’m just going to get up. Every weekday this week when my alarm goes off I’m gonna jump out of bed without a second thought.

JUMP out of bed


Let’s see how that goes – wish me luck!

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