Wanting to have our cake and eat it too (and lose weight and be fit and be healthy)… Make it chocolate thanks!

I’ve always been a cynic of anything which tastes like junk food yet boasts about being healthy.

There’s a new “natural” sweetener in the market at the moment called stevia (well, ok it’s not really new, it was approved for sale in Australia in 2008 and has been used to sweeten food for hundreds of years in South America – but I’m only just jumping on the band wagon so it’s new for me). 

There just always seems something a bit off about food substitutes, honestly – this generation just wants to have our cake and eat it too! Mmmmmm… cake…..

Anyway, why do we need everything to be so sweet? Can’t we just train ourselves to have our tea without sugar? Or instead of eating all this #raw #healthy #organic cakes, biscuits, slices, balls, chocolate, pancakes (you get the idea) why not just, not eat it? Eat fruit in our day to day diets for sugar intake instead?

Stevia cake

And if these things are truly a sometimes food, there really shouldn’t be a huge problem in a slice of cake for dad’s birthday right? Sugar is after all an essential part of our diets – it just happens to be the portions we mess up.

There’s nutritionists around the world praising this product which has no calories and is 200-300 times sweeter than refined sugar.

There are also nutritionists (although they do seem to be a minority) who aren’t quite so quick to jump on the band wagon. They say:

·        It has not been researched enough to understand long term health effects

·        It can make people put on weight due the brain perceiving sugar in the meal, but creating an imbalance when it’s not in the body. This leads to overeating and further sugar cravings.

·        It can also interrupt the course of: anti-fungals, anti-inflammatories, anti-microbials, anti-cancer drugs, anti-virals, appetite suppressants, calcium channel blockers, cholesterol-lowering drugs, drugs that increase urination, fertility agents and other medications.

 My guess is at the last point is only when consumed in large quantities, but worth checking with your doctor if you’re taking anything right?

 Look, I’m not a perfect eater. In fact, I’m extremely far from it.

The amount of times I’ve walked to 7/11 for a magnum and cookies and cream chocolate is shameful. It’s just, if the aim is to get myself fit and healthy, I think I’d prefer to do it old school. Eating from all the major food groups – especially veggies – keeping an eye on portion size, 1-2 pieces of fruit a day and keeping “sometimes foods”… as sometimes foods.

What do you think? I’m very interested in the thoughts of others on this topic. Comment below!

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  1. joelgilcrist says:

    Interesting thoughts Mel. I know that when I cut out the crap all together the first time I trained for the R4K in 2013, I was able to drop from 104kg down to 88kg. My target was 85kg but after the run I rewarded my efforts with a few beers and a peanut butter and jam triple decker and before I knew it I was back at 95kg. Since then, through my ‘up&down’ commitment to exercise, sport, and not thinking too much about what I eat, I’ve literally stayed between 94.5 – 95.5kg for those two years. I generally don’t eat a lot of crap, but portion sizes are a problem and getting home late from basketball or reffing, lead to late night sandwiches which are something that I remember I definitely cut out back in my 2013 efforts. Now that I’m increasing my kms a fair bit in prep for R4K 2015, I’ll let you know in a few weeks whether that is enough to drop any significant weight – of course I know that if I just cut out beer it would make a huge difference, but let’s not be too crazy here, huh?!

  2. Bindi says:

    I have been using stevia for about 8 mths now and find it really good. I don’t notice any difference between sugar and this one. I have tried many different diets ( shake diets, low carb etc) but I am finding that cutting out sugar has worked best for me. But just like yourself Mel, I do like to have the odd treat that I try to save for the weekend. I also find that the more exercise I do the better I actually WANT to eat.
    Love reading your blog. Keep it up!! 😄

  3. Mel says:

    Yeah portion size a big one Joel. Chocolate is definitely my vice! Will be Interesting to see whether you’ll be able to shift much weight just increasing excersise and not dramatically changing diet.

    Haha thanks bin!! That’s interesting! How often due you use it and what in? Do you still eat fruit when you cut out sugar?

  4. jan says:

    Enjoying this as I seriously try to lose some weight. Yeah Joel having a battle cutting out wine but like Bindi and Mel said, I save it for the weekends! Finding portion size interesting too. Getting my head around it and realising that I really do have to give up a bit to achieve but not give up completely.

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