Today’s workout: Upper body HIRT (HURT might be more accurate!)

Last week I was a bit naughty and just did whatever workout I felt like and did miss a couple of days. Doing much better this week! And, because I promised Kara I’d stick to the program, today is upper body HIRT (high intensity resistance training) day. It went a little something like this…

It all started okay…IMG_1437IMG_1433IMG_1366 IMG_1373 Getting tired……IMG_1459This is going online I better do the push ups on my toes so I look fit and strong and awesome….
IMG_1398Shit… what was I thinking? So not gonna happen…
IMG_1399 Knees it is.IMG_1410 Last round lest set – getting tough!IMG_1464 OMG finished yet???IMG_1467#Sexybabe
IMG_1480I’m not talking you into this at this point am I?
IMG_1481Sex on a stick.
But still happy I got a workout!IMG_1484I can tell you this – I’ve never had muscles in my arms… or … well… anywhere. Definitely an improvement!



Arms are something I hate doing and have never been any good at so this was definitely a challenge. This is the third time I’ve done this round though, and I’m definitely noticing an improvement. This one is super easy to do even in our tiny apartment which is really convenient when it’s raining or early morning/ night when I don’t want to go to the park alone. It also only takes about half an hour and 3 sets is a good amount.

The “Pike Press Pushups” are a total killer. I can only manage a couple before I shake and collapse and end up doing them on the couch (photos too awkward to put online haha) so that will be a goal by the end of this, to actually be able to do them for one minute without dying!

Off to collapse into bed now! Tomorrow: Cardio!

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