Jump outta bed… and work it like an animal!

It’s been on your mind all week. Consuming your every thought. First thing you think of when you wake up in the morning, and last thing before you go to sleep.

Did Mel manage to get up at 5.30 every weekday this week?

(if you’re behind on why, read this then come back).

I’ll put you out of your misery… the answer is…


Ok so it worked 3/5 days – but the days I didn’t manage to get up early I did do the workouts after work!

The first day was the hardest, my alarm went off and I jumped up so quickly I got a head spin. After I picked myself up off the floor and decided not to literally jump the next day, I decided to take a snap to prove I was awake – I don’t think it really proves as such.

Too early....
Too early….
Fark. Open eyes this time.
Fark. Open eyes this time.
Jesus woman, try a smile.
Jesus woman, try a smile.

I think we can all agree 5.30am is not the best time of day for me visually. But, I pulled by butt into gear and managed to do the workout. Luckily, I was a bit more happy and awake afterwards.


Now, when Kara first mentioned an animal round, I thought I was just working to work really hard or something… or maybe look super sexy while doing it.

Yeah, nah. She meant it literally. This is what I got up to (in public) this weekend:

The Gorilla
The Bear
The Seal
The Duck
And just as I felt I was getting some zoo cred, the last exercise I had to was was titled “The Straddle”… Seriously, after all that I finish up on The Straddle? Not good enough Kara! So I took the liberty of re-naming it…

The frog
 Gangsta right?

A strength and conditioning followed today which was really tough, but it was good for a Sunday as it wasn’t timed like the others (normally 60 secs on, 10 secs off). I just got through the reps at my own pace, focusing on my technique. Good Sunday sesh.

Back into the hardcore stuff tomorrow, last week of the first 4-week round of Taking it to the Next Level.




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