Vin Yoga – an evening of Yoga, Wine & Food in Montreal

Got your attention didn’t I? If you love all these things like I do, you’re in for an awesome winter’s evening.

Wineries pose

Contrary to my growing waist line (I’m a Wine Ambassador in the country of poutine and maple syrup, throw me a bone!) I love yoga. To be clear, I’m actually terrible at it – when I do vinyasa is more like vin-ya-so-gonna-fall-on-my-face. But when you find the right class, no matter what your level, it’s so relaxing. I love getting a stretch, a workout and clearing my head (well attempting to anyway… I don’t think I’ve ever done meditation without picturing my next meal.)

Chianti’s pose

You know that awesome feeling when you leave a yoga class, so refreshed and relaxed? Imagine heading straight to a degustation of food and wine. And just as you learn to experience your present moment in yoga, you’ll be learning how to better experience… your wine!

Gris pose
At least my wine is balanced

I’ll be taking you through the learn the basics of wine, and how to taste like a pro with 5 wines from around the world; you’ll also have a degustation with foods expertly matched by Grenadine’s Alex Duchastel.

Downwined facing dog

If I’ve caught your attention, read on for the details. You’ll be rewarded at the end with a collage of me attempting to balance a glass of red wine on my head. I don’t know why I wanted to achieve this so bad, it’s not like I’ve ever seen anything even close to it in any yoga class ever. But enjoy nonetheless.

Tuesday 28th February 

16h30 – 17h30
Yoga Vieux Montréal – 50, rue Saint-Jacques
All levels, Relaxing Yoga

18h- 21h30
Restaurant Grenadine – 2004, ave de l’hôtel-de-ville

Wine Tasting by Mélanie Gilcrist, Wine Ambassador, Corby
Menu Tasting by Chef Alex Duchastel

Price: $95
(Includes: Yoga, transportation to the restaurant Grenadine, wine tasting and menu tasting, as well as taxes and gratuities)

Places limited. Check out the Facebook event and reserve today by creating a profile and registering through the YVM website, through the free mobile app, or by emailing 

See you on the 28th!

I told you it would be worth it.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    What a great way to grab my attention! Would love to go to this function. If only I lived in Montreal.

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