The Quebec Countdown

An update on my shenanigans…

For those who’ve been following my interesting little story, through Instagram, facebook, this blog, or you know – talking to me (old school) you might be aware I’m moving to the Big T soon – Toronto!

To recap for any new-joiners… I found myself living in a French-speaking province trying to promote wine, not being able to speak French. I can do a lot in the city in English, that’s true, but Quebec is very proud of its language (there’s a lot of politics and history behind this) and there’s a certain expectation that living here, you speak French.


So, I went to French school. For 5 months, 8 hours a day, I learnt French. Now, I can talk a decent amount; I have conversations in French, I train people and present wine in French. But in just 5 months, I’m not really at a business-standard. Put me on a technical conference call and I might as well be listening to Sam Newman talk for the amount of meaningful information I can take away. (Sorry, Australian joke)

So we decided to change it up, I’m off to do my second year as a Wine Ambassador in Toronto! Now you know how I feel about Montreal, I absolutely love it. There’s so much culture, people are super friendly and the food/drinks scene is insane. But, there’s a Melbourne-Sydney type rivalry between the cities, and everyone in Montreal keeps telling me it’s TERRIBLE I’m going to live there because Toronto is so business-y and fancy… well Montreal, you know I love you to bits, but I’m kinda business-y and fancy and let’s be honest, I’ve always had trouble keeping up with your artsy-hipster-alternative-coolness (I’m looking at you Plateau) so I may enjoy the city more than you think.


It will be great to experience another, totally different side to Canada and I’m really happy that my time here has given me the opportunity to live and work in two cities, cultures and languages.

I’m going to Mexico this week (YEAHYAH!) and on my return, I will only have a month to soak up Quebec.  I want to make sure I’ve experienced everything that’s great about Montreal (or Quebec, or both) in this time, and I need help in compiling a list of things I should do either for the first time, or that are so good I need to do them again before I go.

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At the moment it’s looking a little like this…

First time:

  • Speak in only French for a whole day
  • Toboggan in Parc La Fontaine
  • Eat at Joe Beef
  • Go to Olympic stadium


  • Watch the Canadians play
  • Eat at La Banquise
  • Beaver tails
  • Walk up Mont-Royal

Montrealers, counting on you here: what else do I need to do in my last month?

8 Comments Add yours

  1. A Hearty Nomad says:

    Sounds all like fun and changes are the best, believe me!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Parc Omega!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good luck. Face the new challenge. And what the hell, do it all or what you can. Do they have Tim Hortons in Toronto?

    1. Jan says:

      No idea why I am anonymous. Jan xx

  4. Bindi says:

    Good luck with the move Mel, and with getting to do all the things you hope to do before you leave. 😘

  5. Olivia says:

    You need me to visit you in Montreal and again in Toronto…

  6. Sally Watson says:

    When at the stadium, make sure you go to the Bio-Dome – it’s amazing!! Also if you can see any 360 degree shows at The Planetarium which is also nearby! Good luck with everything! Sally x

  7. Best of luck in the big city! Don’t worry, leaving Montreal won’t mean saying goodbye to BeaverTails- our flagship BeaverTails store is located on the beautiful Toronto Waterfront! We think you’ll be just fine 🙂

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